by JP Lutz July 07, 2015


In the Fox Sports article by Rob Neyer, titled "The Question, To Bobble or Not to Bobble..."  sources say that the Phillies may consider changing their bobblehead give-away distribution model. 

Currently, the Phillies are one of four teams (Phillies, Brewers, Phillies & Red Sox) that give away an estimated 40,000 bobbleheads on a promotional bobblehead night. In most cases, the Phillies guarantee that every fan in attendance will receive this promotional give-away unless it is a special variant version, which is usually associated with some
 sort of limited promotion.                                                                               

For example, the Phillies this season gave away the Vintage Phillies Bobblehead on June 2, 2015 to all fans in attendance. They then offered the Vintage Phillies Bobblehead Variant on 1960's Retro Night (June 19, 2015) as part of their Theme Night Promotions.  Fans initially only had access to this limited edition version by purchasing tickets online using a special promotional code. They then offered all fans in attendance an opportunity to purchase this limited bobblehead for $5.00 on a first come, first serve basis. 

According to Neyer, "One source told me the Padres and Pirates used to guarantee bobbles to all fans; this year the Pirates are down to 20,000 and the Padres don’t have any at all! Meanwhile, the same source also tells me the Phillies are moving away from their all-fans philosophy"                                                                          

If the Phillies move away from their "every fan" model, will this increase the value of the SGA bobbleheads since their will be a limited supply in the market? Many would suggest that would be the case, although we know that winning impacts the popularly of things like collectibles and memorabilia. Should be an interesting to see what the Phillies do moving forward







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JP Lutz
JP Lutz