Bristol Spotlight: Favorites #5...Mill Street is Alive

by JP Lutz August 13, 2018

Bristol Spotlight: Favorites #5...Mill Street is Alive

The picturesque scenery will enchant everyone; the remarkably interesting history will astound everyone, and the charming restaurants with eclectic cuisine that overlook the Delaware will entice everyone. They are all quite wonderful but it’s the people who make historic Bristol on the Delaware so special. It’s all about connections. Traditions connect the community. You’ll feel it at every corner.
The world in which we live can appear too hurried, unsympathetic, and quite complex, so reserve “a moment in time” and take yet another jaunty step and enter one of the places of virtual and visual refuge right here on Friendly Mill Street.
Visit Bristol Borough for another healthy dose of small town America.
Enjoy the quirky signs and the coffee drinks not made from a trucked-in mix.
Time is a gift that most of us take for granted. 
One remembers moments. Life is a collection of minutes.

Mignoni Jewelry & Gifts
200 Mill Street
From the ice-age recordings of moon cycles [27 days, 7 hours, and 43 minutes for the moon to complete orbit around Earth] and the earliest calendars [a Mesolithic arrangement of twelve pits and an arc found in Warren Field, Aberdeenshire, Scotland], to modern wristwatches [from humble masterpieces to transformative interpretations of classic] and even quantum clocks [with laser cooled single ions], time and its effects have always enthralled mankind.
Managing one’s time remains even more important in today’s world and some studies are proving that wearing a watch makes one even MORE successful. While a sporty, accurate, robust and beautiful watch is helpful, it is ultimately a classy accent or just a very cool accessory. It adds to one’s meticulous style quotient! One who wears watches appears as one who values time, and people love that!
p.s. Masculine, rugged and refined Bond, James Bond ‘007’ sported a Rolex on his wrist, the benchmark for excellence, in the 1960’s. C’mon, really…who hasn’t dreamed of owning a tricked-out Bond Submariner and saving the world?
Check out Mignoni’s extensive selection of genuine, most popular Bulova fashion watches that add a good balance to a smart look, and then peruse their collection of vintage mechanical hand-wind pocket watches [once the standard over a century ago] that bring about a certain class and style that is easily distinguishable.
heir time pieces, a nod to tradition coupled with beautifully crafted simplicity, makes them a powerful accessory that can add an impactful sense of flair. Great as a gift, but no one will blame you if you want to keep one for yourself! The TIME is always excellent to stop in at Mignoni’s Jewelry and Gifts.
Not to be missed if sports are your thing…….
It's hot outside and VERY cool inside.
Bucks County Baseball Company
237 Mill Street
Bucks County Baseball Cards offers an ultimate collector’s dream of autographed sports memorabilia and a massive selection of NFL Super Bowl LII keepsakes from the legendary game that was played on February 4, 2018, at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN. Hurry, before it's too late. The Limited Editions are officially licensed by the Philadelphia Eagles and the NFL and multiple players are available including Nick Foles MVP and Jason Kelce in his Mummer’s Parade garb.
Come in and introduce yourself to James Paul Lutz, Jr. and his son, Manor College Assistant Professor in Sports Management, James Paul, “J.P” Lutz III who together have made a thriving business out of their sports passion. Their combined proficient knowledge gives them a significant advantage in all the sports arenas. They have become THE destination location for collector enthusiasts in the Tri-State area.
So, we’re told, money can’t buy happiness but it CAN buy bakery goods…. close enough….so ignite your taste buds!
Angelina's Bake Shop
312 Mill Street
Welcome to historic Bristol on the Delaware Sergio Cargitlado and Angela Aversano!
Angelina's Bake Shop will be a terrific addition to Mill Street.
Sergio said, “We hope to open mid-August!”
Angelina’s will be a full bake shop with the baking done right on the premises. Their always just baked selections will include a host of the finest fresh doughnuts, scrumptious pastries, mouth-watering pies, signature chocolate and specialty vanilla cakes, and the very best, different types of bread.
And…EGGSactly what customers love….. Angelina’s will serve outstanding breakfasts all day.
It will probably get crowded, but that's how you know their stuff is good.
It’ll be nice to have a "real" bakery in the hood.
Spoiler Alert: Sergio and Angela will also soon open ‘Roberts Steak & Seafood’ directly across the street!
The fascination with scooters is not limited to teens.
Scooters have become a craze among young and old alike.

Barking Spyder Pro Shop / Steve's Tees Awards and DeSigns
207 Mill Street
Scoot in to check them out!
The Barking Spyder is Bristol Borough's hometown core skate and scooter shop, geared for all skaters and Scooter riders. Scooters are buzzing on sidewalks, in parks and on college campuses. The easy to maneuver, two-wheeled sleek rides that were popular in the 1950’s and the 1960’s have made a comeback; for some, rekindling cherished childhood experiences. Custom complete Addict and Aztek scooters, the first out of the box completes, crafted with unique taste and a side of pure enjoyment for avid trick scooter or kick scooter riders, will be commanding the Barking Spyder sales floor. These scooters are on the technological forefront of the scooter world, setting a new standard for scooter design. If you are into freestyle, do it with confidence, by riding the best. 
Owner Steve Corleto also carries a large selection of the highest quality parts at the very BEST prices, apparel, safety gear, Percept eyewear, jewelry and gifts, and his knowledgeable staff members are very into the sport. Elyts Backpacks are in stock, especially good deals for those soon scooting off to school!  
Or stop in and see Steve when you are at the 68th Middletown Grange Fair 2018 August 15th - 19th. 
Parking at the Grange Fair is $10.00 per day. Veterans are admitted free.
Meet a craftsman who is not only GOOD with WOOD; Larry is just the artisan to make it speak!

Larry Daniels
Borough resident, football/baseball athlete [Melvin] James (uses “Larry”) Daniels, Jr. BHS ’57 creates one-of-a-kind handmade, intricately scroll-sawed woodwork crafts in his home wood shop. He is no stranger to sawdust and wood shavings.
Hate boring gifts? “Ding” [his nickname in H.S.] is a truly talented woodworking enthusiast and his unique, creative, scroll saw original Made in America projects make charming, memorable gifts. 
Each piece of wood has an inherent character and uniqueness with its own story, so no two of his projects can ever be exactly alike. His natural, handmade from the heart crafts are old-fashioned and rustic, or modern and elegant, but always exceptionally well-done.
Choose from Signs and Plaques, Ornaments, Wall hangings and more; even find a handmade Clock in store! 
His works will liven up any space in your place. Even a small change is enough to create warmth.
Larry will host a vendor table in the craft area located in the 200 and 300 blocks of Radcliffe Street at the 42nd Historic Bristol Day on October 20, 2018. His wooden “Welcome” signs and Military service symbols are some of his creations that are always available at Trainpops Attic.
Remember…. Bristol has heART! Take time for creativity and imagination.
Trainpops Attic, LLC
400 Mill Street
Keep going…. You’re on the RIGHT TRACK.
Proprietor Brian Adams, along with his mother/dedicated business partner, Cynthia have included the Melissa & Doug toy line [“The best toys are 90% kid and 10% toy”] and Tombow brush pens in their spacious location, along with their vast, magical inventory of trains, select Bristol items, hand crafted gifts and greeting cards. 
Melissa & Doug “Created by Me!” arts and craft items make for a perfect CREATIVE play date for the kids! Choose from an eclectic assortment of DIY activities.
The extra-large, colorful, knot-together/ no-sew ‘Flower Fleece Quilt’ kit produces a beautiful finished quilt approximately 4’X5’, super thick, soft, and fuzzy on both sides for extra snuggling.
Scale models, race cars, off road pickups and jeeps, oh my, are all waiting to be assembled and painted by aspiring artists of all ages. 
For the graphically artistic minded, Brian and Cynthia’s expanded art line includes the versatile Tombow Fine Writing Products. Pens are personal. They can let you express yourself in innovative designs and colors, so create your own best work with a twist that makes it uniquely yours. 
Flexible dual water-based ink brush pens in pastel colors can make re-MARKER-able hand lettering and bouncy lettering projects. Artists and crafters can create fine, medium or bold strokes with the resilient, smooth nylon tip that gives consistent lines.
Coloring, doodling and journaling are restful warm summer evening activities and these blend-able brush pens are just so much fun to use!
Check in for any school-supply runs as well.
By the way, hope you didn’t get caught in the GIRAFFE-ic jam, but their ‘name game’ contest is over.
Their giant stuffed GIRAFFE mascot still needs a moniker and the voting will conclude this month. 
They are sticking their necks out with the names already submitted, and voting will start this Sunday.
Hey… it’s a LONG shot….but perhaps they will call him/ her “your Royal HIGH-ness”!!
FYI~ Mill Street is easily accessible by boat, car, River Runner tram or on foot.
Parallel parking is available on the street; plus additional ample parking in the Mill Street Parking lot.
The new day slips at Bristol Lions’ Riverfront Park provide boat mooring.
So, no need to rack up the miles or trek the distance. SHOP LOCAL.
When it comes to small town businesses, family friendly Mill Street has several that are actually good and creative. There is a lot to love about the pedestrian friendly Borough community, its character and just enough people. It is quaint and unhurried; much less hectic than neighboring towns and boasts a distinct charm, all its own. Welcome Friend!
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